Dr. Bronner’s Soaps – Magic In Skincare

Dr. Bronner’s Soaps - Magic In Skincare article image by Sparrow Bees

There are only a few too-good-to-be-true good brands in the world of skincare, and one of them is Dr. Bronner’s and its cult classic soaps that beauty experts and average consumers rave about. It’s not everyday that you see a brand getting almost perfect scores in product reviews from average consumers and skincare professionals. Dr. Bronner’s is synonymous to organic, pure, and natural skincare that is easy to use, multi-use, and effective.

Why should you try Dr. Bronner’s Soap?

Emmanuel Bronner fled Germany in WWII and moved to the United States. He carried his family’s age-old soap making traditions with him and started producing soaps by hand. The amusing and enlightening instructions featured in bottles ing of Dr Bronner’s products reflect Emannuel Bronner’s philosophies borrowed from numerous religions and great think tanks. An excellent product such as the bestselling Dr. Bronner’s soap in unique packaging is what makes Dr. Bronner’s an enduring brand in the world of beauty and wellness.

The Castile soap by Dr. Bronner’s is definitely one cult fave that you can find in every beauty junkie’s skincare arsenal. It contains organic aromatics, lye, and therapeutic essential oils that cleanses and heals all your skin woes away. Dr. Bronners products are made from Fair Trade ingredients. The soaps and liquid cleansers, despite their gentle formulation, are never tested on animals, too!

The Many Uses of Dr. Bronner’s Soaps

  • Primarily, Dr Bronner’s is an excellent body wash for men and women, and kids, too! You only need a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s on a loofah, and watch it create a thick lather. A small bottle can last you for many months!
  • For those who have sensitive skin, Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap is heaven sent. It features organic ingredients proven to cleanse and disinfect the skin in the most gentle ways possible It contains organic coconut oil and other vegetable oils. The baby-free soap formula contains mint, tea tree, and clary sage tree oils that soothe sensitive skin.

If you’re having difficulties finding a gentle and effective cleanser for your makeup brushes, look no further. Dr. Bronner’s soaps are gentle formulation so makeup is removed efficiently from the brushes

The Pros and Cons of Organic Shampoo vs Non Organic

When deciding whether or not you want to switch from your normal shampoo to organic shampoo, you should first look into the pros and cons of Organic versus Non Organic Shampoo. Plenty of people use organic shampoos to keep their hair clean, but plenty more do not like organic shampoo so it is important to know the differences so you know whether or not it is something you should try.

In normal shampoo there are a lot of artificial ingredients that can irritate and harm the body. The most common one is SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. What this sulfate does is cause the foam that we experience with normal shampoos. However tests have shown that this sulfate can cause your skin to be irritated among other side effects. It has been shown to be absorbed into the body and leave deposits in your internal organs.

So you might be asking why such an ingredient is still there if we know about these downsides? Well the reason is because it is responsible for the suds. Companies and consumers alike feel that they have to have the foam to feel clean. Without the foam you might not feel like the shampoo is working. So companies leave it in thinking consumers want it, and consumers want it because they are use to it.

So when trying to decide who wins in Organic versus Non Organic Shampoo you need to decide whether or not you actually care about these sort of things. Many people have no problem with the ingredients of normal shampoo and ultimately just do not care about them. However the suds are not the only difference between organic and non organic shampoo.

One thing many people do not realize is that oil is good for our hair, in proper portions. Our body naturally produces oil for our hair and when in proper amounts, that oil is what gives our hair it’s soft and silky feeling. Normal shampoos strip all that oil out, that is why you might often have frizzy hair right after a shower. For most people, their hair looks and feels it’s best about a day after you wash it.

That is because it has had time to reproduce some oil. Organic shampoos use ingredients that do not just strip away all the oil, but instead focuses on the excess oil that makes our hair look greasy and gross. This leaves us with soft and vibrant hair even right after a shower without us having to add extra things like conditioner.

There are really two main aspects in the Organic versus Non Organic Shampoo debate. The first is that, as mentioned above, if you remove the SLS you will not have the foam. We are use to the foam and so when people make the switch they feel like their shampoo is not working, so they use way more then they actually need, which means they have to buy it more often.

That goes hand in hand with the second aspect, which is the higher price. The ingredients of organic shampoo are more difficult to come by and make, so the shampoo itself is more expensive. If you are willing to take the time and get use to the new shampoo and are willing to pay a little extra, organic shampoo really will make a difference.

Choose the Best Essential Oil Supplier

When you go out in the market for purchasing skin or hair creams, you come across several brand names. However, before you take the creams on the name, you must know what part of the cream has been actually manufactured by the branded company. You will be shocked to know that certain companies only market the products. The manufacturer often remains in the dark.

In this article, we will talk about essential oil manufacturers, who often are not the ones in whose name the oil is sold. We will also discuss certain concerns associated with essential oil manufacturers.

Essential oil manufacturers are the ones who source the raw materials for the extraction of essential oils. The process of extraction of essential oils is often a complex one. The essence of the plant is taken out from its different parts, namely flower, stem, leaves, bark etc.

The manufacturers are the ones on whom the responsibility of ensuring quality rests the most. This is because they are the ones who deal with the plant growers. There has been widespread concern over the presence of pesticides and insecticides in the essential oil. Though the process of extraction of essential oils followed by the manufacturers ensures that impurities are eliminated, some amount of pesticides and insecticides do remain.

A method by which essential oil manufacturers can do away with even traces of the impurity is by sourcing organic material. Organically grown plants do not make use of any artificial fertilizer. Therefore, the quality of essential oil manufactured is naturally the best. Organically manufactured essential oils have also been found to be more effective.

If you are planning to purchase directly from the essential oils manufacturer then you can look forward to certain accreditations can also be helpful. The world over it is ECOCERT International, which is hailed as a mark of quality of essential oils. In the UK, certification by Soil Association is considered a mark of quality. If an essential oil manufacturer is a member of National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, he is considered as offering quality aromatherapy products.

One advantage of buying essential oils and other aromatherapy products from branded and well-known companies is that they do the grading of essential oil manufacturers and their products by their own. They have extensive mechanisms by which to test the quality of essential oil manufactured. So when you are buying a hair cream from a renowned company, you are also buying faith.

Australian Empowerment to Organic Skincare

Indigenous people of many islands and continents are apparently showing better health and skin condition that most of us. That can be because of the fact that the natives have been practicing several ancient and indigenous regimens that are known to help better take care of the body. The Aborigines of Australia are no different. Through the years, many medical practitioners have been monitoring and observing the natives’ lifestyles to find out why they have better health, particularly their skin condition. The secret to their natural skin care lies in emu oil.

What is emu oil and what can it do? Emu oil is a special fat deposit that has been used by the Aborigines for thousands of years already to treat and cure several usual ailments and bodily discomfort. Modern studies and analysis of the oil show that it has natural properties that make the skin smoother and more glowing. The oil has essential fatty acids and a good level of vitamin E, which is good for skin care. It is true that there are many other products, modern and old, that are also offering such properties for skin care. But emu oil has the sole advantage of being able to make the nutrients penetrate through the important layers of the skin. Thus, each skin layer would be able to attain and use the benefits of emu oil.

The emu oil is a special oil that is derived from a bird called Emu, which is endemic and native to Australia. The emu is an avian animal that is very much similar to the world-popular ostrich. Since time immemorial, the Aborigines have been hunting the birds and raising them domestically to be able to get a good source of emu oil in the future. Emu oil is a natural oil that could not be replicated using synthetic ingredients.

The Aborigines initially and originally used the oil to help treat wounds, cuts and bruises. The oil is also often functioning and used as a form of liniment that relieves sore muscles and painful joints. Because the natural nutrients can get right beneath the outer skin layer, some other forms of medications are mixed with it. As a natural skincare regimen, the Aborigines were known to have used emo oil as a form of ointments and skin application that help make the skin smoother, softer and exquisitely healthier.

Now, many natural and organic skin care products makers are rushing to develop products based and including emu oil. While others are claiming to have already successfully developed such skin products, there are many more that are working to further integrate emu oil and its benefits to skin care goods. In the future, it would not be surprising if there ever would be more skincare products containing emu oil. Just like the Aborigines, soon people from all across the globe would be able to enjoy products that would significantly help make the skin healthier and more glowing even at the harsh environmental conditions. Emo oil is Australia’s legacy to modern natural and organic skin care.